This miscellaneous collection is a carefuly  selected assortment that includes essential bar equipment, diverse drinks and service tools, refined silverware, and elegant cake stands. Each item is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and functionality styled to the demands of culinary and hospitality professionals. The bar equipment is designed to streamline cocktail preparation and service, while the drinks and service tools enhance the efficiency and elegance of any gathering. The silverware and cake stands add a layer of elegance to table settings, perfect for enhancing the presentation of meals and desserts.


bar equipment

This collection of premium bar equipment brings sophistication and functionality. Each piece is made from high-quality materials, featuring sleek, durable finishes. Ideal for cocktail and hospitality professionals alike, this bar equipment set includes essential tools such as shakers, champagne buckets, stands, and more. Whether you are crafting drinks for a bustling night at the bar, a quiet evening at home, or a formal event, this bar equipment collection will serve your needs perfect and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

table decor

Table decor collection represents elegance and style in any dining environment. Designed for both interior and exterior hospitality professionals, this set includes pieces such as centerpieces, table runners,  candle holders, and many more. Whether it is for a big gathering, a private event, this table decor collection will serve as the ideal complement to any table setting.


drinks and service equipment

This collection of drinks and service equipment represent elegance and practicality in any serving environment. Designed for both beverage specialists and hospitality professionals, this set includes  pieces such as cafetiere, milk jugs, tea pots and many more. Whether it is for a high-volume bar, a private party, or a formal dining setting, this drinks and service equipment collection will serve as the ideal complement. 


silverware and cake stands

The silverware collection and cake stands offers practical elegance for any occasion. The cake stands are strong and designed to display cakes and pastries effectively, making them ideal for both special events and everyday use. Perfect for anyone from catering professionals to home entertainers, this collection provides the necessary tools to serve and present meals and desserts with functionality and style.