Our china collection is designed to cater to a variety of upscale events, offering a wide selection of white, plain chinaware that boasts elegant simplicity. Each piece is thoughtfully adorned with either a gold or silver line pattern, adding a touch of refinement and subtle opulence to your table setting. Ideal for weddings, corporate dinners, and high-profile gatherings, our chinaware boost every meal into a luxurious event. Crafted for those who appreciate the beauty in simplicity and elegance, our white, gold line, and silver line patterned chinaware is the perfect choice for making any occasion memorable.


plain white

   This collection of plain white chinaware bring elegance and simplicity on the table. Each piece is crafted from high-quality material, featuring a smooth, glossy finish.  Ideal for culinary enthusiasts and hospitality professionals alike, this chinaware set includes essential dining pieces such as dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, mugs and many more. Whether you are hosting a holiday dinner, a quiet family meal, or a formal event, this chinaware collection will serve as the perfect backdrop, boost the presentation of your culinary creations and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

gold line

   Our Gold Line Chinaware collection represent refinement and elegance, designed to enhance the ambiance of any dining occasion. Each piece, crafted from the finest materials, features a classic white base with a meticulously applied, slender gold line that encircles the rim. The gold accent, symbolizing quality and luxury, complements any table setting, transforming ordinary meals into memorable gatherings.


silver line

   The Silver Line Chinaware collection integrate modern refinement, perfectly suited for contemporary dining environments. Each piece is crafted from superior quality materials, featuring a pristine white base elegantly framed by a precise silver line along the rim, creating a striking visual contrast. The collection effortlessly balances simplicity with a modern luxury aesthetic, ensuring a shiny presentation for all dining occasions.

mixed chinaware

   The Mixed Chinaware Collection features an range of platters, bowls, and dishes, each crafted from superior materials to present a sleek, plain white finish. This minimalist design choice highlight the collection elegance and versatility, allowing it to complement any dining environment. Focusing on clean lines and elegant aesthetics, this collection ensures a refined display for various dining events, amplify the overall experience with its subtle elegance.