Chafing Dish Hire

Chafing dishes are a great way to keep food warm, especially for buffet style events, so your guests can help themselves. Our chafing dishes are very popular among our customers for catering events as well as around Christmas Holidays. 

Large Chafing Dish

No Power – No Problem

If you’re looking to keep your food hot and fresh, without the use of electricity, then let us introduce you to our must-have item, the Chafing Dish. Powered by two fuel pots, simply place the Chafing Dish in your preferred location, fill the bottom tray with water and light it up!

Say goodbye to lukewarm dishes and keep your guests satisfied. Our Chafing Dish is ideal for buffet-style events so guests can help themselves. Even better, you have the option of two half inserts, making the dish two-in-one.


large chafing dish hire
Chafing Dish Electric

Electric Chafing Dish

plug & play

Our electric chafing dishes are great for hot buffet events. They allow you to keep any dish at the perfect serving temperature.

Whether you call it a chaffing dish, hot plate or food warmer, they are a classic bit of event equipment. A very practical option for keeping the food warm whilst the host or caterers are busy elsewhere.