Please read the information on this page before placing your order or contact us if you require any further help or explanation.

All prices exclude VAT


Opening times

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Please email outside of these times and we will respond when we return to the office.



We recommend you book your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. If you are employing a caterer, it is advisable to obtain a written list of their requirements, to ensure you have everything they need and to avoid misunderstandings.

You are more than welcome to pop in to see what items we have available to hire during our opening hours, orders can be placed in our office, via email, over the phone, or via our website.

A booking/breakage deposit of £50 is required to guarantee your order. This is fully refundable once your order has been returned and off-hired, less any losses or breakages.

Customers are advised to check their ‘Hire Contract’ once it has been received and confirm that all details are correct.


Basis of our charges

Our standard hire charge is based on a 72-hour rate. 

We supply the equipment on day one, you use the equipment the next, then return the equipment on the day following your event. 

If your event is on a weekend, we will still charge you at one standard hire charge from Friday to Monday.

VAT will be added to all charges shown unless shown as not subject to VAT.


Extended Hire (Prebooked)

4-5 days – One and a half standard hire charges.

1 week – Two standard hire charges.

2 weeks – Four standard hire charges.

3 weeks – Five standard hire charges.

4 weeks – Six standard hire charges.

For longer periods, please call our office to get a price.


Cancellation of your order

Collect and returns

A full refund of booking deposit – if an order is cancelled up to 2 days prior to the collection date.

50% refund of booking deposit – if an order is cancelled before 12-noon, 1 day prior to collection date.

No refund – if an order is cancelled a day prior to the collection date after 12 noon.

If the order is less than the £50 booking deposit, we will refund the difference.



Full payment is required two working days prior to delivery. 

A full refund of booking deposit – if order is cancelled 2 days prior to delivery date.

50% Refund of booking deposit – if order is cancelled before 12-noon, 1 day prior to delivery date.

No deposit refund thereafter plus cancellation fee (30% of order value).


Amendments to your order

You are welcome to amend your order up until 2 pm the working day before your delivery is due.



We are more than happy to arrange delivery and collection of your equipment, please ensure you read our Delivery Guide and terms and conditions carefully.


Collect/returning items yourself

Customers are more than welcome to collect and return to our warehouse themselves if they wish. We request you arrive at least half an hour before the warehouse closing times to allow time for loading and unloading vehicles and checking in the equipment.

Please be advised, it is not always possible to check in orders immediately at the time of returning (if it is a large order or has cutlery on it). If this is the case, your deposit will be refunded once our warehouse has checked the order in.

Please ensure when collecting equipment that you send a large enough vehicle for pick up. If you are in doubt, please check with us.

*New customers are required to show two forms of identification when collecting equipment. One must be a photo ID and the other must be a recent utility bill matching the invoice address.


Payment Terms

We require full payment for deliveries and collections by 4 pm at least two working days before delivery is due. A deposit for all customers will be required against breakages and extra charges (e.g. transport) on each order. The booking/breakage deposit will be refunded by cheque, cash or card once your order has been checked in at our warehouse, less any losses or damages which are charged as per the replacement column on your ‘Hire Contract’.

We accept cash, credit and debit cards and cheques (cheques must be paid in at least two weeks before delivery is due) and payments directly into our bank account.

If you are planning to collect/return the equipment yourself, payment must be made by cash or debit/credit card only, on collection – we cannot accept cheques or payments over the phone. These terms exclude the booking/breakage deposit.



We offer a cleaning service if you wish to return the items dirty. An extra 20% charge will be incurred on the washable items. If returning dirty please ensure that plates and serving dishes have excess food removed and glasses are emptied. Please do not return equipment cling-filmed. If you return your order dirty but have not paid a cleaning fee, this will be added on return and deducted from your deposit.


Useful Information

It is the hirer’s responsibility for any loss or damages to the goods, from the time of delivery until they are collected by Hallmark employees. If requested, deliveries can be left unattended at customers’ premises/delivery address at the customer’s own risk.

Any item returned which does not belong to Hallmark Hire cannot be accepted back in place of our own equipment. All goods are checked at our warehouse and losses/damages are charged for accordingly. Shortages and breakages will be charged for at the replacement price shown on your confirmation.

In the event that there is an outstanding balance once the order has been off-hired, this must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. If you pay your initial hire charge by debit or credit card, you accept that any outstanding balance will be taken if payment is not received within 30 days.

No responsibility can be accepted for either injury or damage caused by the use of equipment hired and particular attention should be paid to surfaces on which boilers, burner rings, hot plates, deep fryers, hot cupboards and bain-marie’s are standing.

Barbecues must not be used indoors or in marquees. Use of gas cylinders not supplied by us may be dangerous. Proper ventilation must be provided for all cooking and heating, regardless of fuel use.



Our full Hire Terms and Conditions are available here.